Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

İstanbul...seni seviyorum.

It seemed like I never got back from Tobago. However things went by, I'm back again. There was just no important reason for me to blog about my traveling. Nevertheless I visited some very nice places in the last few months, I'd like to think about now. IMG_3923 The people around me, know quiet well how I'm persuaded and always have been by the feeling and the need deep in my soul to grab my things and get on the next plane, ship or train wherever it might take me. I can exactly remember the very moment when I was a little girl at the age of four, my parents could finally afford a trip to Greece and I can remember how I felt there, waiting in the middle of the night at the train station, in one hand holding a fuzzy, plushy Alf in the other a little lilac, polka dotted suitcase. My heart went so wild and I felt finally like I was myself. A ridiculous thing to say, when you look at the age I was at this time, but for me at last, there is no other way to describe how this need and desire of my wanderlust rose in my heart and became a very part of my life. _MG_4028 Last summer I got the chance to travel to Nepal. Wohoooo.. It was awesome. Our first stop was in Istanbul. Now I freakin' love this city. Every little thing I experienced, made me feel like "I can't take this anymore, it's just too beautiful and overwhelming..the scent of fresh brewed coffee at the old market, all the jumping crazy city lights by night, the most deliciouuuuuus food, which is so similar to our food in Bosnia, the friendly and warmhearted people, the atmosphere and lived spirituality you feel in the mosques..aww there were so many little and big things that made me fell in love with Istanbul. _MG_4022 Only one thing annoyed me. After three days we packed our backpacks and waited outside the hostel for our taxi to arrive. Damn. It got too late. I was so nervous, but the hostel owner came over, gave us some turkish apple tea and told us to relax. However I couldn't, because I knew, that we had to drive nearly one hour through the whole city to get to the airport on the asian side, where we had to catch our next flight to Dubai. And if you've been in Istanbul already, you know how tricky and bad the traffic is there around lunchtime. _MG_4020 _MG_4017 _MG_4003 _MG_3977 _MG_3945 Finally he arrived. I was a little pissed I must admit, but after my small nervous breakdown, we got on our plane and everything went quiet okay. I'm quiet sad, that I wont be able to get there again this summer, but hey.. next summer baby.. Asia and I will be connected through Istanbul (or maybe Delhi..hihihi:) for sure. Argh..now writing down these words I realize how bad I actually miss Asia. İstanbul...seni seviyorum.


  1. wow great pictures :) you must had a lot of adventures in the last time.

    1. Thank you. It was awesome. How are u? Long time, no see..